It’s only been a couple of weeks since Bright Light Bright Light’s last music video for “An Open Heart” debuted and now, kaboom – here’s another one!

I have to say, I properly cried when I watched “In Your Care”. They say that a mother’s love for her son knows no bounds and Rod Thomas has captured this notion effortlessly and beautifully in this song and video shot in New York City.

Whilst most songs these days are about sexual and emotional love of another person, Rod goes against the grain and makes a song that makes us all stop and think about our mothers. The fear, the doubt, the worry, the whole gambit of emotions that a mother must feel when her son leaves the nest and heads on out into the big bad world of life – . It’s something that resonates with me often.

No matter what your relationship is with your mother, it never hurts to let her know that we’re “alright” every once in awhile. It doesn’t mean you have to spend the holidays with them every year over turkey and ham, but you can bet on one thing – mothers can never see enough of their sons – especially when they are an ocean apart.

Gorgeous notion and sentiment here.

Nothing less than extraordinary from the genius that is Bright Light Bright Light.