Saint Best

Photo: Jonas Raaby

I don’t think I’ve ever been left so unnerved by a pop video than watching through this promo clip for emerging Danish band Saint Best. Fact is, it’s left me feeling quite off balance.

It all starts off quite innocent enough and then, it takes food porn and sexual references in pop videos to new heights.

It’s not as if, food and sexual innuendo hasn’t taken place in music videos before. Hello Kelis and many others.

In viewing Saint Best’s clip for “In The Morning”, I was alright with this until it hit the part where mouth-to-mouth transferal of an egg yolk took place and then……… whoa it all became too much and had me squirming with a my face contorted in an expression of surprise and disgust. Well perhaps disgust is a harsh word, more recoiled in uneasiness.

Yet the song itself is so good, I really couldn’t let it put me off from singling it out for some mentioning here.

Total 80’s electric vibes, as in seminal classic of the era, Deniece Williams “Let’s Hear It For The Boys” brushed by with a touch of indie presence to make it that stroke of nu-retro buzzing fresh.

All from a band who had wanted to call themselves George Best because they liked the Irish
footballers fuck-all attitude and what he stood for. For legal reasons they’ve had to change up to Saint Best instead.

Going by their larger than life suits in the press photo and this video. Here is a band who is NOT going to do things by halves. Very much out-of-the-box thinking, which if they continue with in this vein is only going to set them apart from the general pop masses. So I’m more than curious of them in a quite interested way right as now. I just hope they don’t spoil what could turn out to be a guaranteed place in the wider electronic pop arena by pushing the boundaries tipping on the edge of too far.