Let’s put it like this! I had never heard of Shamir until he made the head-count in the long-list of the BBC Sound of 2015 poll.

Once these names were released I made it my duty to check out each and everyone who had been recommended and actually the quirky personality of Las Vegas based Shamir readily caught my attention.

Look I really thought “On The Regular” was pretty dope to be honest but it had born out it’s promo time by the time I became aware of it. By the time, of follow-up “Darker” came it veered off somewhere quite creative of difference, totally not in-keeping of the same buzzy impact of its nerdy resplendent predecessor.

So the jury of me has been out for the time being with regards to whether Shamir was all that the tastemaker hype had suggested. That was, until the singer/rapper just dropped an entertainingly whack video for his equally out there new single “In For The Kill” (not a La Roux cover)!

The whole humour of this parody style visual reeled me in. To the point where I found it enjoyably adorable. (Shamir has created a visual retelling the infamous “Balloon Boy” UFO hoax) It literally looks athough it has been dipped in a vibrant rainbow on an over saturated colourization scale in noticeable allure to Tim Burton’s box-office blockbusting flicks. By and large it’s perhaps those nerdy frames of Shamir’s that are subliminaly tricking my mind into associating with Johnny Depp’s highly eccentric portrayal of Willy Wonka.

Further to this, “In For The Kill” is kitted out with an exceedingly jaunty riff, which serves to carry the tongue-in-cheek packaging of the song.

This one rolled out of the ball-park and I’m genuinely all too happy that it did! To the point that it has got me mouthing out coo’s of ‘oooo, ahh, ahh, oww’s’ quite loudly.