Marina And The Diamonds

Oh yes this is THE ONE! This is the Marina I’ve been patiently longing to hear of, since we embarked upon the frooty journey into her third album.

Basically I’m seriously digging on “I’m A Ruin” as it’s practically, perfectly giving me “The Family Jewels” type chills and plainly speaking it see’s Marina back to what she ultimately does the best, alternatively illuminated pop ballads.

Whilst I still remain a little perplexed as to why this album has been called “FROOT”, I’ll nonetheless dutifully enjoy Marina’s visual homage to Madonna’s “Frozen” (because let’s face it, it practically is!), now it’s fully out there in the public domain to do so.

Don’t forget “I’m A Ruin“, along with “FROOT”, “Happy” and “Immortal” are served up as instant downloads when pre-ordering the album.