She is the one Swede aside from Robyn that has been surrounded by the most electro buzz of the year, and since dropping her “Truth Serum” EP in the spring Tove Lo has seen her popularity gain ground wherever she goes.

Having had the heart-crushing mid-tempo track “Habits” marketed as the UK’s first focus single, Tove now turns her attention to promotional matters stateside with the release to the American market of the immense off-kilter pop potent banger “Not On Drugs” in readiness for the US release of debut album “Queen Of The Clouds” (UK / EU release dates unknown at present).

To ease the wait we have in notification of a UK release date, I say let’s take a gander at the mind alter visuals of the “Not In Drugs” video anyways, that is if the paint powder smoke bombs within it don’t smoke us out first!