Mati Matisse 2

Delving into the world of production now for a quick minute, with a new name breaking through and bringing us a techno rave-house banger into the equation.

Dutch born and South African raised DJ / producer Mati Matisse pools together a music career that began in Jazz piano and evolving through a passion for dance music has come to create his own club ready floor fillers.

Assisted by UK based DJ, David “Davya” Bakker, Matisse debuts with techno-dipped club anthem “I’ll Be OK”.

No awards here for the recycled recital of a loopful of lyrics – “I’ll Be OK”, however, when the riff heavy melody comes into play, I’m tipped into submission to liking this quite a bit by it’s shear updraft of energy.

To the video, seriously I wants to know where these dancing dudes picked up their moves!