If You Let Me Go” by Salt Ashes is a song that just shouldn’t fly under the radar, since it streamlines a faceted wealth of cross-over opportunities owing to it’s manicured hybrid umbrella of dark disco input.

We’ve already been over this, but in short – It breathes with a distinct cosmopolitan nature and hints at a mystical overview with Salt Ashes sweeping top register achieving vocals at it’s helm, sandwiched alongside a further revealing glitter ball arrangement drenched in MadonnaLa Isla Bonita” era felt nostalgia.

This is as far in Madonna likeness that Salt Ashes takes her inspiration though, there’s not a splash of Day-Glo seeping through these visuals at all. It is rather the case that Salt Ashes explores the dark and dramatic imagery, which goes some way in exposing a deeper vulnerable side to the tracks narrative.

Queued up and ready are the thoughts flickering through a spurned Salt Ashes mind, It is a little dark and bruised in there but it is also holds an aesthetically captivating value.