Ashley Poole 2

When you’ve been part of a girl band that’s reaped a taste of success from the time you were a pre-teen thing, you’ve truly lived and breathed the popstar life already by the time your teenage years are fully up.

Ashley Poole knows this all too readily, since she formed part of hit-making Californian girl band Dream who were signed to Puff Daddy’s (Arista distributed) Bad Boy Records and for her part in it helped drive the multi-platinum status achieving band to the wider pop market, as their single “He Loves U Not” impacted the UK shores also.

The book and chapter has been closed on Dream for a number years, but seeing as she’s all grown up now and had time to take a little Ashley quality time for herself in the interim, the time is now ripe to begin a new career chapter as a solo artist.

The solo journey begins with the dance / club suited debut single “If It Feels Right”.

As an anthem it is all really pleasantly plays out to a tried and tested pop formula, not anyway on the R’n’B scale of her former pop life with Dream, but “If It Feels Right” does affirmatively go some way in being the choice best vehicle of awareness that is befitting of Ashley’s grown up pop model.

The sound maybe on the safe side, but Ashley is definitely now styled in the sassy fresh couture of a red blooded woman who is out to exhibit a darker edge than the candy pinkness noted of Dream that went before.