I noticed Melbourne raised singer-songwriter and producer Banoffee has a new single out. The track “Idiot” is a tantalising preview of the sophomore album “Teartracks” (out October 8th). Leaving a gap of just eighteen months between the release of the debut album “Look At Us Now Dad” (which came out in February 2020). That made me look through her past release schedule. Because, as she is now releasing as an independent artist, had me thinking did I skip through any releases? (Just the one – “Tapioca Cheeks“). My research also made me aware “Contagious” was the last track she had out before the pandemic took over our lives. How prophetic that turned out. A song where she shared these lyrics. “Think I’m contagious with something you don’t want”. Is “Idiot” going to stir up any similar predictions?

Well, I hope not because she sings, “I’ve gotta clean the house today, the outside world just don’t seem safe, I might let myself waste away”. Adding, “wanna stay in, do bad things I regret, I’m an idiot”.

It is a song for those of us, super cautious of stepping back into the pre-pandemic ways of life.

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Banoffee’s outpouring on “Idiot” is nothing but honest. Discussing the track and the upcoming album, she told Paper Magazine “I want people to cry in the car listening to this, driving at night, in the shower. I want someone to think ‘I want to feel sad, I’m gonna put on “Teartracks.'”

I do consider she has got these situations covered on “Idiot“. A hazy indie-pop offering strewn with PC styled sonics and a generous helping of punchy beats, production overseen by Mike Abubato. The Phebe Schmidt directed music video conjures up a detailed insight into a life that feels slow and sluggish. Listless, depleted of energy, lethargic. A state that can sometimes make us practice self-indulgence in the pursuit of finding happiness.

Perhaps using the term “Idiot” is a bit strong. Yet, when sucked into a cycle of self-criticism does tend to create a breeding ground for over-analysing. My fascination with, Banoffee is restarted. And like her delicious dessert, based namesake. All sounds yummy.

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