In case you have not heard, Vanbot is back with new music and an upcoming album, which is exciting news for me. It was quite a break for Ester Ideskog, six years in fact since she unleashed her third album “Siberia”. During this time, she’s become a new mum. Written and scrapped an album. She has also taken on a mentoring role carrying out online workshops for an electronic music school known as teenage engineering

Presumably, the same as most music artists during the pandemic is where Vanbot picked up the synths and started writing “How Could I Prepare For This,” the fourth album. I am particularly delighted at this comeback. Given this fact, it feels splendid to hear some Swedish synth-pop. Especially so nowadays, since much of the new Swedish music is pop-based and not predominantly electronic. Maybe she also noticed this decline of Swedish synth-pop and decided to bridge the gap by returning to her original musical stylings for the track “I Will Never Not Have Had You“.

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Despite the breakaway, Vanbot returns to the dreamy soundscapes and widescreen sonic palate of her early endeavours. As much as I am basking in the blissful sonic arrangement of the track. Foremost I noted in a stylistic sense it is unabashedly reminiscent of The Sound of Arrows. As a result, I had to check the song credits since I was somewhat anticipating seeing that Stefan Storm had contributed to it. (He did not assist with the making of the track). It is a collaboration between Ester and Samuel Starck (Loreen and September).

Discussing the track, Ester shares…

I Will Never Not have Had You” is a flashback story from when I was young and impossibly in love. It’s a homage to those big teenager feelings”.

Similarly, the Sune Chee directed-music video closely reflects the lyrical narrative. Evoking the carefree adventures and teenager awakening moments.

The new single “I Will Never Not Have Had You” and the video epitomises the Vanbot style. Her comeback is a triumphant one in every sense.

The album “How Could I Prepare For This” is out May 5th via Vanbot’s label Lisch Recordings

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