If the hypnotic beats don’t mesmerise you, then the fembot erotic video presentation which accompanies enigmatic electronic performer Temporary Hero’sI Want 2 Fall In Luv With A Human” mostly certainly should do the job.

This is all shades of wow to us, from the sexy slinky beats to the futuristically insightful cinematic epic of a film clip, featuring a lovestruck fembot who is smitten with her creator and who goes all out to seduce him after he repairs her broken circuitry when caught up in a bad encounter with a fist punching mandroid.

Oh did we happen to also mention that the setting is in an intergalatic lap dance club?

And oh, so do the robot temptress and her creator actually succumb to the inevitable?

We urge you to watch and see for yourselves EQ’s, watch and see! If anything you will become slaves to the emphatically seductive analog rhythm that’s for sure!