We haven’t met up-and-coming pop artist JLine, here on EQ Music Blog before. Yet, the New York, born and raised singers signature brand of music mirroring the brightness of the late 80’s/early 90s definitely fits right in with our preferred choice of electronic-pop styling. He is someone, however, who has strengths in all areas of creative artistry, not just music and as a songwriter, he is an accomplished dancer/choreographer as well. He uses his natural born talents to inspire, motivate and educate people to believe in themselves, through his own experiences in life. Partnering these important, topics with the energetic beats and vibrant melodies of his completely authentic songs. Speaking about, current single “I Wanna Dance” JLine told me (via email) “I wrote this song about falling in love when you’re going through a personal transition. You’re starting to feel better about yourself, secure in your own skin and want to stand still for a moment. I think to fall in love during those circumstances-rather than when you’re feeling anxious or lonely-is ideal.”

Interpreting the emotions covered in his songs into movement and energy is high on the agenda for the singer. With a passion for performance in his blood, you will see every drop of commitment JLine puts into his artistic endeavours in the music video for “I Wanna Dance” premiering here with us.

The Vincent Cota directed clip was shot all in one take. It follows the independent music artist hitting the streets of Brooklyn. Taking in the vibe of the city and cheerily breaking out into bursts of energetic dance routines. You really get the feeling of pure enjoyment and celebration coming through in this video. JLine’s hip-hop inspired dance routine is, executed with precision. His nimble moves are ninja sharp. He manoeuvres through this choreographed piece at a dizzying pace that I can only presume he is able to maintain such velocity because he’s guzzled down a week’s worth of healthy, power boosting smoothies in one sitting. I love the spirit and hyper, hyper euphoria which bleeds out from the grey expanse of the sidewalk. The purposeful statement, this video clip makes is … here I am. What an introduction to JLine it has turned out to be for us.

Keep locked in with JLine online. “I Wanna Dance” is the first single from upcoming album “EPisode 2” coming this November.

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Twitter: @jlinemusic