Ky 1

Well this is a pleasant return! It’s been nigh on 3 years since we last heard from one of our favourite EQ London based homeboys Ky Ismet.

Infact, that last time I saw Ky he was sporting some wickedly skin-tight leathers and charging up an electrifyingly brilliant performance at one of our EQ Live club nights. Oh such good times!

Ky is back and loading up the first new material in 3 years, in collaboration with Latvian DJ [Ex] da Bass on euro dance stomping number “I Need Somebody”.

With a vocal that is as popalicious as ever, Ky affirms in this performance that he’s got the cut of a seasoned performer, one that appears to deliver with polished ease and endearing of character.

By far the best news though, “I Need Somebody” arrives in heads up for new material that will land with us through 2014.