Photo: Giovanni Martins

Here we have before us the new single and video from out gay American singer-songwriter Aiden Leslie, it’s a provocative package to say the least, more in the overall sense of the issues it tackles.

In keeping with the bulk of Aiden’s work, track in question “I Just Go” is written from a true life experience and in this case it’s of the kind that you can’t paint pretty.

To give him his due, Aiden is being nothing but honest here though and that does score something of admiration to go someplace in ones darkest moments to express how it is was when he lost his way and perspective for a time, after being swept up in the moment by the lure of outside forces.

Sometimes we have everything, but we crave more and sometimes unfortunately we might go through the motions habitually or off the rails for a bit, its life it happens! Sometimes it takes a stronger muster of courage to be true to yourself. As humans we are all by nature vulnerable.

I guess however, when we’ve previously looked at other tracks and video’s that have encompassed LGBT themes here on EQ it is that they give off some empowering message, granted “I Just Go” is a grittier one, but no less in this instance it is truthful of identifying the struggles that some of us face in achieving going forward from a place of doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result, to that of embracing ones authenticity.

Aiden Leslie is just showing us that to reach this point for some of us it comes through the reality of life lessons.

Credit where credits due there are some heart touching scenes involved as this soul baring introspective video runs it course.

Oh sniff!