Italian star pop Osvaldo Supino stunned us by putting his sexy on a new tune “I Have A Name” not so long ago. Written and produced by Charlie Mason the force behind hits for Miley Cyrus and Boa amongst others, it bounded with Eurovision bounce and verve, and well took us quite in surprise it has to be said, by its all round pop brilliance.

As introduction to Osvaldo’s forthcoming sophomore album, “I Have A Name” is an emotionally charged pop anthem that is autobiographically reflective, reaches super catchy status by its driving pop induced beats and candid content which is now expressed through an emotionally exposed video capturing Osvaldo wearing truth, pride and vulnerability on his denim sleeves rather than some fancy couture.  The understated “Joe” approach makes this all the more endearing over the usual schmaltzy fancy production. I’m not ashamed to confirm that in Osvaldo keeping this real, I really rather like this quite a lot.