Poor Yavin. He’s having a bit of a tough time again. Some of our readers might remember that I covered the Boston-based pop singer-songwriter’s tracks “hot” and “handsy” on the blog in the last couple of years. When he reappears with a new music offering. You can bet it is because he’s, unfortunately, a new dilemma to face. Possibly this time, it is his worse scenario yet. He really does appear more out of sorts than usual on the track “I Don’t Really Know What’s Going On.”

I am now very familiar with Yavin’s half-speaking, half-singing style of vocals. That I look forward to hearing these vocally sung conversation pieces about things he comes up against in everyday life. His style is so personable and also relatable. I expect most people can find something in his lyrical commentaries they can identify with. While the pandemic was unfolding, he expresses in “I Don’t Really Know What’s Going On” what it was like being a music artist. Although, more specifically, how the monotony of the lockdowns, etc., impacted artists and creatives.

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Delving a little deeper into his experience, Yavin shares with us…

“For me, I had a lot of trouble staying creatively inspired during the lockdowns. Social media was the thing that kept me entertained. And as fun as social media can be, I’m a bit of a glutton for the punishment of comparing myself to other artists (particularly ones that did stay inspired), and that’s eventually how this song was born.”

Yavin seems to have pulled himself short of spiralling into a dry creative well before he totally hit the rock bottom of it. This I applaud. He got himself together enough to make a music video for the latest heart-on-sleeve offering. The colourful footage filmed by Colin Pagnoni, captures Yavin indulging in his usual pastime of overthinking. The thing is though, I can see it is becoming less of a hobby, for Yavin and more of a sport. Let me put it this way, if there was a Grammy for overthinking. Yavin would win.

Oh, I wish Yavin would be a little easier on himself. But then again… if he did take life easier, there would not be any of these vulnerably endearing songs from him. Indeed, that in itself is a whole new dilemma.

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