Already noted by us, as transpiring as one of Bright Light Bright Light’s most blissfully pop perky powered releases to date. Bright Light Bright Light the adopted pseudonym of multi-talented Welsh musician, singer, songwriter, producer Rod Thomas brings us visuals expressive of a life of the party feel, in support of the euphoric single release “I Believe

Designated as a snapshot from the newly released sophomore album “Life Is Easy”, the EDM stomper “I Believe” translates a message of the embracement of celebrating life to it’s fullest and which ultimately means that the treatment of this video is unlike any other Bright Light Bright Light introspective video production that we have encountered before.

The Welsh talent who is currently on tour with Elton John, is seen taking a dip in the swimming pool…… and well we never did, it also means we see a bare-chested Rod glistening and pumped up in the carefree vibes of his re-awakened happiness, which is a purely joyous thing to be witnessing!

This video quite has us brimming with Cheshire sized grins, as we are just bursting with an olympic pool sized amount happiness ourselves in observing Rod so revitalised, so in the moment of it all and so on cloud-nine in the blissful recognition of all in life which has gone someway in changing his outlook and rejuvenated his optimism.