Baby Raptors

Can I just make it known that I have found myself sitting on the fence sometime with regard to a new artist called Baby Raptors, who appears to me to be far from the polished article.

Cutting through the short supply of lyrics at play on this debut from the New York native, there is something of a buzz here however, which has the capacity to see that I engage myself in a second spin of this softly, sonic pop creation.

The flow of infectiously sought harmony cannot be discounted though and neither can its ability to unsuspectingly mesmerize. Self-adoring anthem “I Am My Only Love” does veer into a manufactured pop sound territory, yet it isn’t everso showy of the bells and whistles of over gleaming production. There is an amount of organic energy bubbling up through this of which I am favourable with and feel sure might capture a new fan onside by the power of this alone.

Second to the above, I’m quite a might envious of the fact that Baby Raptors can pull off a look of rose garden, yet if we take a longer look into the visual she squeezes herself into the get-up befitting of a bohemian warrior princess.

You know what, “I Am My Only Love” bleeds out a level of palpable intrigue, and it is quite this that has saved itself from leaping from the ‘maybe submissions pile’ to spiraling down into the EQ trash can.

Baby Raptors will need to go one better next time out and a little voice inside me tells me stick with this, it could to evolve into something pop magical in time. For now let’s just enjoy the bare bones of infectious melody and harmony on display here and what the suspected future pop goodness might grow from.