John Galea

From the title alone a little piece of us was maybe expecting this to be a Destiny’s Child cover that pocket sized pop minstrel John Galea has put out, but then we thought to ourselves that doesn’t really seem the likeliest thing for John to be going about doing so much!

When I saw the vision of his upright piano come into view placed directly by a waters edge it was then that I affirmatively knew that it really ABSOLUTELY wasn’t going to be a Destiny’s Child cover at all.

As long-time supporters of John Galea, we have also recognised alongside his command of punchy electro-pop that he is equally rather splendid and accomplished at banging out a choice tune on his piano. In looking at it like this, sometimes it is the case, well in my personal opinion, we might lose sight of the lyrics and strength of vocals that can get a shade lost amongst the buzz of electronic fx. Sometimes a little reminder and concentrating on the voice through a scaled down production effort, be it acoustic or minimal can just prove as powerful as the full works of an electronic lit production. It acts in contrast and just gives another perspective on it all.

So in swapping his electronic keys for that of faux ivory ones, John goes back to basics on his new EP release “Notes From My Piano” as the title indicates.

Thus “I Am A Survivor” clearly resonates with heartfelt narrative of overcoming challenges life and love throw’s into lifes path. I care to think that John’s vocal absolutely shines at its best in this arena, well at least it is one of my most preferred tracks from him in a while.

Just so you know that this release acts as an interlude in John’s electro-pop centric career, he is very much still into synths as he has actually been working with Frankmusik and again teamed up with the Grammy nominated hip-hop production duo of The Monarch.