Asher Monroe 1

Are we interested in viewing the new video from Asher Monroe? What do you think?…… are we are ever!

Now not for one minute, did I think when I named out in my review that “Hush Hush” would have fitted comfortably on Justin Timberlake’s seminal album “Justified”, that Asher would take my thoughts down that path again, but Asher just had to throw in a shower scene on the video to “Hush Hush” didn’t he! So, instantly you know where I’m headed don’t you? …. Justin’s Cry Me A River”.

Oh well no hardship, the premise of both tracks are similar to begin with aren’t they!

In each of the artistic instances, the subject matter of clandestine relationships, obviously provoke the image of washing sins away.

Anyway Asher’s got one over, his love interest drives one hefty dumper truck!

In another thought, say you Asher, don’t you mess up on this one will you! Don’t you understand this is dicey you could end up as roadkill, if it all takes a wrong turn.

Hearts do rule heads sometimes I guess.

And OK hands up I’m rather partial to choreographed dance scenes of singers / actors stumbling into warehouse spaces fully clothed and then showing out their moves in a simulated rain storm. No, No, corny as it is my head & eyes have no problem viewing this, don’t mind the wet T shirt look at all.