With music video submissions being thin on the ground of late. I skipped past the audio stream and went straight to the visual of “Hurts” sent through by Canadian singer Tilsen. Sure I didn’t fully know what to expect being that this is the debut offering by the emerging artist. Ultimately it was quite a revelation and also a relief to find a good, stylish production in music and visuals waiting in the wings for me to become suitably acquainted with.

My eyes and ears were met with a song by a virtually unknown singer who oozes confidence by the bucketload. Which is in itself a rarity among most newcomers. The music is striking, tasteful and yet powerful with femininity. Much of the same approach echoes through to the music video. This is a big introduction by Tilsen. Begging the question where has the conviction, poise and coolheadedness come from. The family gene pool has the answer, my brief informs me her mother is an opera singer. The exposure to a theatrical background is totally apparent in this debut. Tilsen is vocally controlled and measured and appears to have inherited the finesse and dynamics of her mother’s musical genes.

Although “Hurts” is a song which reflects upon the ups, downs and indifferences of being in love. Tilsen’s wordcraft is honest and articulate. The lyrics gleam with intelligence and bona fide class. The songs topic of relationships and love is seen through authentic eyes and heard through the newcomers lyrical prowess. Her stylish contemporary pop sound is being set alongside an equally strong aesthetic. Her image and “Hurts” accompanying music video breathe confident femininity. Tilsen is captivating to watch, and her honeyed vocal is nothing short of exquisite. She is a ready-formed act primed to make an impression and begin a legacy in pop.

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