Take a mask. A falsetto vocal and a funk bassline and what do we have?

Answer: We have a super catchy new track from the Hollywood pop machine that is LA and from establishing electro pop act Strangeheart.

Open: Fact-o-rama: Strangeheart frontman Jeff Thompson was formerly of a band you might have heard of – Young Digerati – and if you did hear of them you’d probably be aware that they were once inked with Elton John’s Rocket Music Management. Close: Fact-o-rama.

Now joined by Brandon Queen as Strangeheart, the duo propel their newest pop shot “How To Feel Right” at us with a wised-up funk pop flair that displays the associated traits of the dreamy pop of empyreans Empire Of The Sun who appear to have stumbled upon some funky bass slapping fancy fret work fashioned in the Chromeo style.

It’s a combination that actually doesn’t disappoint, besides it boasts an oh so catchy chorus, that is so sing-a-long-a glorious.

All that’s left now is to set this pop duo centre-stage on a revolving podium whilst they are visited by a cast of mock super heroes and mock super villains to assess their pop super powers and resilience to being out there on the pop stage .

Oh hang on, it’s already been taken care of, in the video.