I have noticed Aston Merrygold popping up on the daytime TV programmes in the UK last week. He is busy promoting his new single, “How Many Times,” which came out two weeks ago. I also wanted to give this release a bump as I haven’t noticed much coverage posted about the track online. And I enjoy the song, as its upbeat style is a good listening choice for a hot summer day.

Aston has evolved into a multidisciplinary artist. His artistic pursuits include music, acting, stage, TV, radio, and podcasting. Although I think his music releases don’t always get the appreciation they deserve. He never gives anything less than an A1 performance nor sings less than splendidly. Yet radio plays and playlist features seem to elude him. I feel sure, “How Many Times,” would have picked up more attention had the news last week not been dominated by the UK PM Boris Johnson being ousted from the government.

So here I am giving “How Many Times” a bump.

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Aston says, “‘How Many Times’ is not your typical kinda love song, it’s one with a twist. Inspired by a passionate argument, the pop anthem gets lyrically deep with a jump for the summer! This is the first of a stretch of songs I have coming, and I’m really looking forward to this next chapter.”

Furthermore, Thursday night’s premiere of the music video came amid the unprecedented events unfolding of the day. I am someone who does not get tired of watching Aston Merrygold dancing. I do not lie about enjoying seeing him flex some moves and showing off his fancy footwork in the newly released footage co-directed by Aston and Chris Brooker. The main question concerning me while watching the clip was, will he or might Aston not lunge into a backflip at a split-second, notice? Maybe next time he will oblige us with his signature move.

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