Foxes 2

Would you take a look at Foxes new video for “Holding Onto Heaven” as she has taken to dancing on the ceiling, and all at once I feel obliged that I must extend my apologies to the elder pop crooner that is Lionel Richie who tried it out before her, but there’s no denying that Foxes is a vision cuter.

I’m so happy to see that team Foxes saw to make full use of that music box pretty introduction by featuring the real doll thing and ultimately casting Foxes in the role of the swirling whirlygig of a dancer herself, who is seemingly introspectively caught across two almost identical time continuums colliding.

I’m not really one that guns so much for the likes of mainstream pop at all, but I would so like for this to be Foxes big league moment. Having touched base previously upon the middle ranks of chart positioning within the top ten, I believe that it is this track that has the momentum behind it to send it to even higher echelons of charting glory and should catapult Foxes onto the full glare of the mainstream pop radar proper.

As seriously, when this was previously promoted via Itunes as a free download over the Christmas period, I felt we really had been given a gift of some mega pop ferocity. Not only that, it is my opinion that “Holding Onto Heaven” absolutely has all the hallmark requirements to become one of this years most globally reaching songs.

Let’s not sit back and wait for it to happen, let’s make it happen!