Canadian pop music artist Ria Mae has a way of breezing in and perking up my ears with her thoughtfully brilliant, songs. Last year she gave us a whole of EP of gorgeous and powerful tracks on the “My Love” mini album. It featured the singer’s massively received single “Bend” and easy on the ear follow-up release “Red Light.” Both of which I shared my thoughts about in reviews published here on site. This time I am writing about Ria because she has another EP in the works which will be unleashed imminently. Preceding the new collection comes “Hold Me” featuring the guest vocals of Frank Kadillac (frontman of the Canadian electronic-pop duo Neon Dreams.)

Stylistically “Hold Me” takes a lead from the softer melodic and lyrical approach which we saw the singer explore on “Red Light.” Rich layers of sonic and vocal harmonies give the song a special warmth which makes the song feel even more soothing and comforting on the ear.

“The song started as a conversation between Frank, myself and Lowell,” says Ria. “We were sharing how lately we felt unsure of how to engage online and remain positive in the current social climate. We were talking about how easy life used to feel when we were young and how anxious a lot of our peers seem to be right now. I wanted the visuals to represent a deep long for peace from this deafening social landscape.”

The sentiments of the song and of the music video are sure to resonate with the thoughts and opinions of a great deal of us. The storytelling in the music video is particularly mesmeric. The clip acts as a reminder of the innocence and simplicity enjoyed throughout most childhoods before we become aware of the bigger goings-on in the world around us. It is an introspective and highly considered song possessing both a natural warmth and rawness. Ria Mae has an inherent ability to create thought-provoking songs which in turn makes you appreciate the gentle beauty of her earnest, lyrical style. It is the mark of an accomplished music artist who is far more interested in getting her audience to think about and act upon social topics rather than just dance.

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