Creatively alluring pop artist Regulus Red who we recently met because of his debut release “Ghoster,” would probably prefer that we refer to him as the Red Prince of The Night. When all is said and done, red is definitely, his colour. It’s his chosen hue, right from the shade of his hairdo, down to the clothes that he wears. Consider it an extension of his firey pop-style. The directness in his approach to his art and the assault to the senses, he leaves with us the moment we press play on one of his tracks or videos. For his sophomore effort “High Price,” the singer-songwriter introduces a danceable groove, into his artily stylized mix. It’s a dance-pop track but not as we’d normally know it. If there is one thing that I’ve been quick to notice about Regulus Red, it is that there are no rules, or if they even once existed, Red will hold no reservations about re-writing them.

Coming under this umbrella of throwing aside the rulebook is the crushing of gender stereotypes. Regulus is courageous to live as his authentic self and appears as a beacon of aspiration to everyone, who similarly fight for freedom of expression. Red elaborates by saying this of the Future Humans produced track “High Price.” It is about…

“fighting against your nemesis, never backing down and enjoying life in the midst of the battle of life! It’s knowing what you’re worth and screaming it.”

Armed with honourable and strong intention. The extravagant young artist has turned out a stylish video which celebrates the power of human connection and discovery of self. As we watch a soirée get into full swing, it soon becomes evident the colour of free-living is, (you guessed it right?) red!

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Connect with Regulus Red
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