Since learning of Laura Bettinson’s alt-pop alter-ego Femme I have found myself to be in fond regard to the musicians experimental creativity.

Afterall, it is a style which is actively serving the pop maverick well, especially so in fashionita circuit whereupon, Femme has previously lent her inventive pop aesthetic to Catwalk shows for Stella McCartney and additionally contributed last year to fronting the Adidas Neo campaign with her hypnotically spellbinding track “Daydreamer”.

On the forthcoming release of “High”, Femme puts to use once more her learned knack of shaping alluring left-of-field soundscapes, doing so not only in a crisp minimalist fashion but also achieving a rush of intoxicating soundwaves that quite present themselves as a highly addictive piece of experimentally contemporary electronica.

As well as winning me with her knowledgeable grasp of alternative pop making the interest and enchantment in Femme continues to grow, she’ll be supporting Charli XCX on the North American leg of her tour. Personally I can envisage that can only serve to break ground favourably so with Charli’s angels fandom, I think it all sounds to be a tour team match which is insightfully in sync.