There was an avalanche of pop released on new music Friday last week. Headed up by Ed SheeranBad Habits” and “Distorted Light Beam” from Bastille. It is fair to say there were more tracks than normal biding for our ear time. Something else I’ve noticed. Friday is not such a good day for music video releases, not unless it corresponds with the day (i.e. Friday) when the track releases. I am therefore convinced many Friday music video releases dip under the radar. The “High” music video from Calum Foad being one such case that has gotten a little buried under the crush of Friday’s tonne load of releases.

In the atmospheric, neon-lit music video. The 25-year old synth-pop artist from Reading may not be seen as possessing super-hero powers as Ed Sheeran does in his video for “Bad Habits“. In his online bio, Calum does claim to be both a purveyor of pop & Clark Kent wannabe, though. “High“, the lyrically, authentic track, has either been written about striving for and achieving the peak of success. While being mindful of the pitfalls. Being that, we have to work harder to remain at the top of the game. And the downward route usually means the harder we fall. Or it’s about drug addiction (but I am hoping it’s not).

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What first struck me about “High” wasn’t the lyrics. It was the power of Calum’s vocal that got me switched onto the track, followed closely by the pulsating 80s synth-pop vibes. (A little reminiscent of Bronski Beat). If you’ve got a summertime craving for new synth-pop, “High” will feed your craving. This is a dazzling production. Very slick. Vibrant with a great sense of melody and direction. Calum Foad is far from being one of those 80s revival nostalgia projects. (I have listened to some of his other tracks, he is quite an all-rounder, as a matter of fact). Make no mistake, Calum Foad has musicianship, musicality and performance in abundance, like me, you really should start picking-up on him.

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