The Amazonica 1

It takes a bold character to up-end trends and stoically adhere to their visions, yet examples off such protagonists within the realm of electronic music have been entering a decline in the most recent of times especially. At worst, if honest, it has felt as though the forward thinkers have gone into a hiatic hibernation that has lasted well over 2 full years.

That said, it’s about time somebody gave us a frenetic jolt of creativity other than the likes of Bjork!

A background in DJ-ing is as good as any place to start, and when it comes to Amazonica, you first should be aware that she is to be considered more a non-conformist than a beatmaker per se.

Known for her headlining residencies at Club NME at KoKo and The Met Bar amongst others, the savvy provocateur leads with invigoratingly gritty tones, evocative of the industrial vipery scuzzing hiss of Nine Inch Nails meets the new-wave influence of Depeche Mode.

One in which the intoxicating “High On You” debuts, a cocktail of glitchy embedded electronic rhythm culminating in a statement laden purred vocal, which is further adorned with a monochrome stylised, cinematic visual package consisting of vapour spewing potent imagery. Which by the way is not as intimidating as it initially might sound.

Ultimately Amazonica’sHigh On You” is a performance piece that leaves a thrilling sense of spine-tingling adventuristic electronic re-birth in its wake.