I know the name Synapson best when featuring on extended remix packages. I didn’t realise the French electronic duo was releasing original material on their own. For the most part, the duo work in the EDM genre, where the multi-instrumentalists have scooped themselves recognition by charting singles in France and Belgium. I’m guessing the duo’s tunes are a staple in every French nightclub, but, I haven’t checked out the French nightlife scene since I was high school age, so cannot substantiate this theory, only speculate. I am of the feeling, however, that the duo would like to break free from their native homeland boundaries and win some recognition further afield, say like, for example, the UK. For Synapson’s current release, “Hide Away” featuring vocals from Australian singer, songwriter Holly Martin the French/Australian collaboration brings sexy back to the dance floor in the most visually, provocative of ways. A little eye-opener that I didn’t expect from Synapson yet, I wouldn’t have been surprised to find pop up in a Tove Lo music video.

The video clip follows the duo heading out to their local diner to pick up a bite to eat, on arrival things take a freaky turn as it becomes clear, an amorous customer has an appetite for something that is strictly not listed on the diner’s menu.

Coming at a time when the #MeToo campaign against sexual harassment has been hitting the headlines, the video for Synapson’s “Hide Away” is far more relevant to the cause than I suspect was first intended. I am inclined to presume the initial idea for the video concept and theme was to reinforce female empowerment this still applies although has become duel subject matter owing to the current social climate.

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