What is bothering CXLOE, to have her brooding? Unsurprisingly, the same as the majority of us. It’s the heavy, impact 2020 has left on us. Hopefully, we have hit the point of no return, concerning the recording of ‘in isolation’ tracks, EP’s and mixtapes. CXLOE is replacing the worn-out trend with a dark, alternative-pop song about carrying the weight of heavy emotions. The track announces her debut EP of the same name “Heavy” Part 1.

I thought her previous track “One and Lonely” was her best, little did I know she would top it by unleashing the moody styled “Heavy” so soon.

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She gives us melancholy, heavy-hearted, vibes. Although the lyrics are more than a little on the glum, side (examining some seismic upheaval which is ongoing in a relationship.) The production of the track is top-notch, and the vocals are properly witchery soul-stirring indeed. The Natasha Foster & Erin Fairs directed, video, translates what it feels like to be held at a distance. (As if we don’t all know that feeling well in 2020.) The treatment is slick with noticeable, moody Billie Eilish tones.

This might be the first time I have ever said, I am craving to hear some dance mixes of this track. I just think the potential is there to have a sizeable, hit in the clubs. (Not that many have yet, re-opened.) The bassline of the original edit alone is very sexy electronica for sure.


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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/IamCXLOE/

Now that’s what I call electronic pop!

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