With the majority of planet pop either touring or killing it on stage at one or more of this summer’s music festivals. It falls to Steve Aoki accompanied by another of his superstar collaborators, namely, three times GRAMMY award-winning hitmaker NE-YO to serve up “Heavenly Hell.” An ear-pleasing, booty-shaking banger.

The track “Heavenly Hell” is lifted from Steve’s newly released 9th album “Paragon.” And evidently, it is safe to say the NE-YO-assisted track is the biggest of the celebrity guest spots this album around. If you were wondering… the story of ‘Paragon’ builds off of the expansive Hiroquest universe Aoki has established through his music, trading cards, and a newly released graphic novel. The album showcases the contemporary global dance sounds Aoki encounters during his 200+ concerts each year.

The release of “Paragon” and “Heavenly Hell” comes hot off the North American dates of the “Heavenly Hell” tour. The tour kicked off in Miami and March and wound up in Brooklyn on the album release day June 28th. Therefore, given the tour’s title and the track being adopted as a fan favourite on these shows. It feels it was always a given that “Heavenly Hell” would have its moment in the spotlight.

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Directed by Michelle Parker. The music video lives up to expectations in it’s use of a fluffy white cloud backdrop depicting heaven. And similarly with bursts of red hot firey visuals representing hell. Likewise, the presence of NE-YO and Steve who are dancing like nobody is watching provides a fun element. Similarly, the light-hearted moment is a reminder that when the music is good, especially those exuding artistic prowess, realise the benefit of cutting loose allowing a glimpse of their fun side. Therefore, along with the tracks, uplifting beat, it is precisely Steve and NE-YO’s goofing about that has struck a chord with me. Pop stars having fun is where it is at for summer 2024.

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