Synth-pop trio Ekkoes have certainly got their game face on now. Since leaving us hanging in a state of 80’s recalled nostalgia after notching up some impressive buzz track releases, we just recently became reacquainted with the band as they set-about the road to realising their debut album effort “Elekktricity”.

Our most recent coverage of Ekkoes brought to light the first glimpse of the album by way of throwback assertive cut “You Just Walked Away”. Yet all so keenly we are back in with the trio of synth-pop makers as they dish out a little bit of electronic streamed “Heaven”.

Acting as the next “Elekktricity” taster, “Heaven” arrives with all the new-wave influential veneer intact, which has effectively been harboured up in cross-referencing the standout electronic era through the mists of synth-pop time.

Ekkoes sing of what this kind of heaven means to them, which is representative here in a personal relationship sense. It’s not anyway Adele bleeding her heart out through song, but it is however real to Ekkoes and thoroughly relatable en mass to a gathering of electro-headed nerds like us at EQ.

Seems to me there’s a particularly golden pop hue of 80’s level best electronica seeping out of every key stroke, guitar lick and vox accent the band put down.

Did someone call up a Robert Zemeckis “Back To The Future” time machine, or are we already passengers in the seat of Marty McFly’s DeLorean as when it crashed right through into Farmer Peabody’s barn? Probably not something so grand in visual thought here with regards to the video, but feel there is a certain air of 80’s affiliation by association at play here, as seen through my eyes, at least.

I sure do like the way Ekkoes fully embrace the 80’s vibe and I am hopeful to see them gradually capitalizing on it more in the visual sense!