Who doesn’t love a new Depeche Mode song and video?

Now you may watch this and think “Heaven” isn’t the most uplifting of tunes, but after all, it’s Depeche Mode and the beauty of what they do is often found in the strain of sadness and melancholy that they harness so well. There are rumours that new album “Delta Machine” (DM’s DM – I like it) is going to have a hint of the “Violator” sound and if that is indeed true, well I’ll pre-order right now.

Speaking of “Violator”, Parralox have recently unleashed a cover of Depeche Mode’s seminal classic “Enjoy The Silence” which I think you’ll enjoy. If you’ve signed up to our EQ Music Members list, you would have received this as a free download mashed up with another ingenius Parralox track called “I Sing The Body Electric”.