Betty Who

You might be aware of just who Betty Who is now, being that practically all of last year the US residing Aussie ex-pat made a splash through the blogosphere with her high energy giving pop productions.

Although, actually it has been sometime since miss pop thing has graced the pages of EQ, as you see we were onto Betty’s vividly effervescent tunes prior to the buzz that surrounded “The Movement” EP first off, when Miss Who initially soft launched online with a track called “Fire With Fire” followed swiftly by the tune everybody who is pop savvy now knows her for best “Somebody Loves You” and which in turn went onto head up “The Movement” EP swiftly afterwards.

That is all by the by really, but what we did observe from the off, of those beginnings, was that we felt the belle of dance pop was equipped ready go some distance in her field, and that has definitely gone on to be the case has it not!

And so towards the end of May, Betty Who is to bring her brand of infectious pop our way, as she’s headed over to the UK for a number of festival dates and launch shows in London and Glasgow

Whilst she’s over here we expect we’ll be on the receiving end of the latest track to break out of the Who pop machine, that of the dizzying and electro pop charged “Heartbreak Dream”.

So with all that absorbed and in mind, we now hand you over to the woman herself, kicking up some spotlight within a live performance setting within the video. I will say, I don’t quite rightly understand how all these accumulatively upbeat presences of sound and vision within conveys being heartbroken though. However, cannot deny “Heartbreak Dream’s” greatly zingy, synth candy splendid status at all, as it is rather giving off the sunny fun vibes and at just the right rambunctious measure for a crowd of festival-goers to become head-boppingly jiggy with.