Strike us androgynous avant-garde pop beings with the sharp tack and whip crack of the Berlin-esque pack of otherworldly electro pop makers Blitzkids mvt. 

Blitz Dragonette, The Sounds and Daft Punk into the spin cycle of a New Romantic washing machine and your Blitzkids mvt. will emerge singing and dancing with singer Nomi giving her best Susan Sulley (The Human League) pose and pout.

Valiantly Blitzkids mvt.  Entered this über cool pop ditty into the German national finals for Eurovision only to be bumped by Cascada.

Oh shucks I know what I’d rather be euro jigging too and it certainly isn’t no Cascada!

Heart On The Line” comes from the band’s debut album “Silhouettes”which upon hearing this could well be worth checking over especially as it includes an extra electro spiced cover version on it of  Ladyhawke’sMy Delerium” .

*Hat tip to EQ reader / web explorer George Shinagawa Jr. for this latest Discovery tip!


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