Prompted by email, the track “Heart O’ Hearts” has opened my eyes and ears to Chela and her oh, so good electronic pop. The song has a hook line which traverses the indie-pop sphere, which I am loving wholeheartedly. And has really lifted me up today. In truth, I needed this song because I was seriously beginning to feel the effects of the scorching Bank Holiday weather, which paid the UK a visit over the weekend. The tracks bright tones together with the sweetly amusing music video, helped my mind to switch off from thinking about how oppressively warm it was outside and turned me onto the song.

Chela has had releases on the Kitsune imprint. At one time the label was a massive source of electronic pop newcomers for me, (although this has not been the case in recent years.) She is now signed with Goldroom and RAC’s, LA label Minerva Music who is acting in regards to track, distribution. The guys picked up on Chela because Goldroom has remixed her work before. There has been nothing as gleaming and infectiously memorable from the artist since she began rolling out her new offerings “Losing Belief” and “Heart O’ Hearts.” With the help of friend and collaborator Le Bruc, Andrew Lappin (St. Lucia, Born Rivals). Chris Zane (Passion Pit, Holy Ghost!) and Sameer Sengupta (Smashing Pumpkins, London Grammar). They have swung her sound around to electronic-pop with a danceable edge for “Heart O’ Hearts“. This is something which Chela has dabbled in before. The new stuff is definitely her best work, where all elements she has experimented with previously, now come together seamlessly as banner-waving electronic-pop.

The music video shows, the artist and her doppelganger, having a bit of a dance-off as they battle to find some common ground between their good vs evil personas. I found the clip to be quite mischevious in places, and I honestly couldn’t stop watching it because of that. There is a symmetry of theatrics and sincerity. A balance of production and good, honest music. Waste no more time and get involved in this intelligent electronic pop music, because it seems to me Chela is ready to deliver some of her most, shiniest pop morsels going forward.

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