Sad Disco 1

Greece is the word right now, in giving us some electro pop fuelled with indie pop sensibilities. Exquisitely does it too.

Emerging from Athens with debut effort “Heart”, Sad Disco land with us a gleaming pop ditty basking in the underground club glow of red-light culture.

Peppered with syncopated synth stabbing beats that blossom into a quasar of liquid jewelled alt-pop, “Heart” offers a prime cut of electronica afflicted with an irresistibly cool as, retro outlook.

Reflected aesthetically in a nostalgically 1970’s provocative dynamic in the video, that has had me turning back the sands of time to my very youthful days when risqué TV was the credit’s to “Tales Of The Unexpected” and definitely signalled that it was bedtime for me.

Anyways, I am quite loving this whole package and the strangely evocative tangent of reminiscing it has spun me off on.