You’re familiar with Lennon Stella and Julia Michaels, right? But have you discovered Ella Isaacson, yet? Maybe you noticed the singer’s collaboration with Gallant on “Expectations” that I wrote about earlier on in 2020. If not, I’d advise you to check the track out because it’s pretty immense, in my opinion. Releasing the follow-up single “Hard Lessons” only affirms Ella’s pop artist on-the-rise status, with another dose of authentic songwriting and dynamic vocal performance.

“It has been quite a year, 2020.” Ella shares via Instagram. “In one way or another, this has been a year of hard lessons for all of us. I have seen the strongest people I know have days where they break. Those that were so sure of themselves and their future crumble in the uncertainty of the world we are living in, and relationships end that we thought never would. But from the darkness we can learn about ourselves, we can get back up when we fall, lean in and love harder.”

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At this time, we need an empowering reminder like this. We know the winter is going to be much harder to ride out. The changes, brought by the on-going pandemic will inevitably, mean we have to further adapt and make changes in our daily lives. Harnessing some resilience, while keeping hopeful will help with keeping us stronger. Whatever, we are forced to encounter during the coming months. Ella puts this message across with understanding, and heartfelt energy with this song.

The track is supported by an evocative styled, music video. The clip, directed by Stylebarre, features Ella caught under an imaginary rain cloud. She is soaked through to the skin. Nonetheless, she doesn’t run for shelter, she withstands the watery, weather conditions. Because she is a lioness, undaunted and focused in rising up with determination. In the spotlight, as a solo artist, Ella exudes emotion and confidence. More importantly, she is impressing me in the right way. I am certain, we are going to be hearing a lot more from her going forward.

Connect with Ella Isaacson
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/IamEllaIsaacson/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/iamEllaIsaacson
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ellaisaacson/

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