If like me, you’ve been waiting for Måns Zelmerlöw to come through with a video in support of his current pop slayer “Hanging On To Nothing”, our wait is now over.

If you were expecting it to be creatively innovative in Måns usual visual epicness, you might be a tad disappointed. As he’s gone down the route of documenting life on tour, kicking back in his hotel room and singing wistfully down the lens of a video camera at us. To be perfectly honest, I’m feeling rather appreciative that this video is more of a straightforward affair. As sometimes it’s just nice to step away from what is expected. Little moments of normalcy like Måns sipping on his coffee cup and admiring the view out of his hotel window are rather lovely to see, (quite tempted to hit the pause button here, pop my kettle on and share my brew, admiring the view of Måns).

More to the point, life on tour tends to become a blurry cycle of traveling, hotel rooms and the adrenaline rush encountered when stepping out on stage. A visual capturing this making an appearance once-in-a-while is permitted if it includes a snapshot or two of the fans, having the time of their lives.