You know what, I’m not even going to lie and tell you that I know exactly what “going ham” means, but I will tell you this, Colette Carr could teach Miley Cyrus a thing or two about twerking in her new music video for “HAM” featuring Ben J.

With “HAM”, Colette Carr gets her rap on again and invites some of her female gal pals over on set to shake their bums at the camera. I’ve always appreciated how Colette Carr takes the stereotype of female exploitation in rap videos and does the same in a polar opposite fashion. And by that, I mean she’s a white girl rapper from Malibu and she’s got buckets of sexy gals getting all Snoop Dog in their bikinis. For some odd reason, I do find that interestingly refreshing in a weird, lez be honest sort of way. Maybe it’s the irony. Who knows. But I like it.

“Ham” is available now on Cherrytree Records. Go download it.

And, if you’re not familar with the wacky, yet wonderful world of Colette Carr, get to know her in our last EQ Music interview we did with her a ways back. Oh, and if someone wants to explain what “going ham” means to me, feel free to do so on Twitter. I will guess and maybe it’s another word for “twerking”, cuz y’know, when you shake two hams in your hand, it looks like…oh god, if I’m wrong I’m going to hang my head in shame…