I was so pleased to see Raj write up the feature “Three New Music Acts Who Can Make A Mark in 2018” on the blog recently. As I have also been somewhat intrigued with the band Superorganism and singer-songwriter Lewis Capaldi myself. Both of these acts played the Great Escape in Brighton this year. I had half hoped I would be able to make it down to the festival to check them out, being as neither of these artists music falls within the electronic pop genre. Nonetheless, even though I didn’t make it to Brighton. I have been quietly endeared by Scotsman, Lewis Capaldi’s emotive singing voice and style for a little while now. His style flits between acoustic guitar-led pieces and melodic pop compositions. His voice really comes alive on the latter of the two styles. I am here writing this post because the new single “Grace” just happens to be another of Lewis’s fantastic melodic pop songs which suit my preferences best.

I had a terrible start to Tuesday last week. I managed to sleep through my morning alarm. Coincidentally it wasn’t just me, my two sons managed to snooze past their alarms as well. A ten minute panic of the three of us, packing up lunches, washing, dressing skipping breakfast so that they made their bus into work, duly happened. My eyes were still heavy with sleepiness when they slammed the door shut on their way out. After the panic had ended, in an attempt to fully wake myself up, I poured myself a strong cup of coffee and peered into my inbox. While still half dreamy, this is when I noticed I’d been sent over a cheeky preview of the video for “Grace.” I guess I expected it have its focus mainly on Lewis singing, I didn’t for one minute anticipate that he’d be pole-dancing. What weirdness was happening that Tuesday morning! Through my extreme sleepiness, this video did spring a smile across my face.

Totally the “Grace” music video was going to be my star post when it officially released on Friday. I thoroughly enjoyed it as it is nice to see a music video with a fun, happy tone, and humour to it. Not at all a complete ball of cheese, as sometimes things like this can disastrously turn out. It has helped me to see Lewis Capaldi in a new light, which I like very much. I will be keeping an extra special eye out for new music from him in the future. I’m sorry this feature got bumped back a few days, but I hope you’ll agree with me The Sound Of Arrows surprise EP “”EP1 – Cuts From The Stay Free Vault.” release was bloody brilliant and of course, in the end, how could synth-pop not win the day, or New Music Friday for us, for that matter.

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