I never know what amazing news to expect next of Rod Thomas’s Bright Light Bright Light project, our friend in synth pop has certainly been receiving all-in return of late for his amazing music art and all round musicianship which he has lovingly and diligently been putting out for years.

Whether it’s been news breaking on the massive tour commitments with Elton John, notifications of playing on the same bill as La Roux or announcements that Rod is joining the line-up billing alongside Kylie, Grace Jones and Chic. We can attest that Bright Light Bright Light deserves all the success.

In turn, Bright Light Bright Light is always mega busy, but always seems available to turn things up on the output. Amidst all of his jammed packed summer schedule Rod is doing just that, as what arrives next is ”Life Is Hard”, a remix album in companion to last year’s sophomore album release “Life Is Easy”.

Heading up this promotion campaign, first comes the single “Good Luck” and the mix thereof is made Scissor Sisters shades cool being that is jointly assisted in collaboration by the one and only femme of scissory disco herself Ana Matronic.

Suits us quite happily, as I’m sure it will to our listeners also, to nestle up to the speakers for some Ana rap and Matronic harmonies on this already favourite BL track of ours.

What is more, the video is quite a hoot and stars not only Rod and Ana but a pair of Welsh National flag boxer shorts.

Ahh so now you really want to press play don’t you!

So go ahead then!