Thinking about this time last year, we hadn’t yet, heard Harry Styles eclectic sophomore album “Fine Line,” we just had a little taste of it with “Lights Up.” The album has since gone platinum amassing over 300,000 sales just days ago. There has been plenty of highs, plaudits and acclaim to go alongside the lows of disappointment with not being able to go out on tour. With “Fine Line” Harry has proved his diversity as a pop artist and given us quite a dynamic mix of single choices. “Lights Up,” “Adore You,” “Falling,” “Watermelon Sugar” now joined by “Golden.”

Golden” is a euphorically, uplifting track. Large with indie-pop melody and carried by driving beats creating an energised feeling. As apt an album opener as it is as a final push of album promotion. Just the kind of single you need to release after you’ve had a track top the Billboard charts while going top ten literally everywhere else in the world.

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As the lyrics allude. We presume Harry is singing about someone special to him, who when around him, brings him happiness. Calling this person golden is just another way of saying, they light up his life. The Ben Turner and Gabe Turner directed video made in support of the release also hints as these feelings of overwhelming joy, elation, and pleasure. We see Harry running, hurriedly, as if he is desperate to be somewhere. Is that he is running late for a date? Quite possibly he is, because during the rest of the clip which was shot in Italy a few weeks ago. It appears very much like he is singing to someone else (the give-away being his eye contact.) There might be another big clue dropped later in the video, but, I’ll let you discover more of what happens for yourselves. I’m not about to spoiler that.

There are not many artists who can score high with the fifth single lifted from an album. In all probability, and going on his previous form. I suspect Harry will earn a respectable chart placing with “Golden.”

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