Swedish pop artists are setting us up for a winter of widescreen tracks, orchestral arrangements and sonic soundscapes. Starting with the delightful Frida Sundemo who will release international debut album “Flashbacks & Futures“, on October 6th. I’ve had an early listen to the album in all of its glorious entirety I conclude the best description I can give it, is simply epic. I also felt I was missing out on a bucket of popcorn and a large beaker of soda as the album tracks conjured up a sci-fi fantasy movie playing out in my head.

Among the 14 track, strong album playlist previously released singles “Keep An Eye On Me“, “It’s OK“, “We Are Dreamers” feature, as well as the euphoric track “Stay Young“, which first debuted online two years ago. The spectacular “Gold“, as final lead-in single sets the tone of “Flashbacks & Futures“, with spellbinding effect and breathtaking magnitude. It perfectly sets us up for an album of seamless and timeless compositions of graceful elegance.

In the music video, Frida steps into the gravity-defying moon boots of an astronaut who is stranded in a desolate post-apocalyptic landscape. It evokes the image of an intrepid explorer making a beautiful discovery that is beyond their wildest dreams. Check out “Flashbacks & Futures” when it is released this Friday, this album will reward you with a full-on pop gold listening experience. In filmology terms, it is a blockbuster.

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