The chosen artist name of PUZZLE, surely is accurately referencing the enigmatic character of this newly emerging electronic pop act based out of London. It’s all part and parcel of the aesthetical concept which allows the Brazilian born masterbrains behind the PUZZLE moniker to combine both of his major creative interests, these being;- electronic music, of course! and a penchant for digital art forms.

The mysteriously named PUZZLE leads a forthcoming series of creative content with the aim of intent to ‘decode reality while embracing emotional vulnerability through escapism’. The introductory focus of the innovative project launches with track and visual package debut performance piece titled “Godlike”.

Even though the artist’s preference of being viewed through an obscure bubble of anonymity is majorly at the strategic heart of this new venture. PUZZLE’s grasp of indie electronica isn’t being brought into question, since the dude behind the cube-face persona, is someone who has clearly gotten both the composition and production of streamlined electronica down to an art.

By combing such cutting-edge technology via digitally abstract visuals. The package complete does present itself with a deeper strength of immersive engagement. Something greatly learned and brought into the electronic arena seen through the spectacle of visually creative media displays first pioneered by the likes of Jean Michel Jarre.

PUZZLE’s “Godlike” is thoroughly contemporary modern in its approach and more importantly acts to bring to our attention to an emerging artist who has a keen sense of vision and direction in all that they do.

This could all too easily make for a degree of fanatical fascination evolving from me as the project gathers momentum, revealing more of these artistically creative packages in the near future.