Today we are saying are big hello, hello, hello, to a new music video from super cool Brighton based singer Salt Ashes, it is for current single “Go All Out” which I duly wrote and raved about recently. It was my opinion that Salt Ashes hasn’t sounded bigger or bolder than this before. And, that the songs sound is magnificent, warm, ambitious and timeless. Even so, the new material she has been sharing with us, distinctly shows her overall musicianship has grown in strength. To the extent, she is becoming a real force to be reckoned with, in electronic-pop music.

There is a much different feel to the supporting music video as well. It is inspired by Tim Burton’s fantasy/horror movie “Beetlejuice.” Thus has a rather spooky quality seeping through these visuals. In the clip, we see the singer hosting a dinner party, where she serves her dinner guests with welcoming cocktails. After her visitors take a sip of their special beverages, strange occurrences start to take place. The elixirs appear to have magical properties included as an added extra. And it isn’t long after the first drops of it, glide down the guest’s throats, that one by one they leap from their chairs, and begin to dance jerkily.

Salt Ashes says this about the clip,

“The video is a reflection of the internal struggle you have as an adult to accept and follow the status quo when your real desire should be to taste danger and release the inner child.”

On working with the creative team – direction by Lucrecia Taormina (known for her work with Little Boots & Cuckoolander), Bobbie Cousins (Women On The Verge, Misfits) and wardrobe by Magdalene Celeste. She further comments.

“Being that Tim Burton’s “Beetlejuice” is one of my favourite films I was instantly drawn in and could see that Lucrecia understood and shares my vision for pushing visual boundaries and taking risks. Lucrecia comes from a fashion photographic background so her attention to detail and approach at composing each scene is flawless. It was awesome working with her and the incredible team we had on this.”

The great thing about this clip is that the empowering feeling isn’t lost among the touches of dark humour. I think Salt Ashes thought out this visual treatment well and it couldn’t have turned out better.

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