There has been plenty of scope with regard to selection of potential single material upon Foxes effortlessly pop sounding debut album “Glorious” and so in releasing a fourth choice of single from the critically acclaimed debut actually makes sound sense, as does the choosing of the exultant title track to claim this prestige spot.

The track being a fine example of Louisa Rose Allen’s far reaching vocals set against a euphorically soaring soundtrack made up of passages of haunting piano notation leading into a power pop chorus adorned with uplifting crashing synths, equates to a heavenly balance of dark / light dynamics if ever we heard one.

How does the lovely Foxes go about colouring in visuals on this? She could have quite easily and effectively put out a two-tone, black and white to camera film clip and had it erupt into a flood of colour when the build of chorus kicked-in, but no that would have been far too predictable a choice for the up-and-coming singer / soon to be turned-actress who is imminently to be on our telly boxes after bagging a part in the new series of Doctor Who.

The opted choice of visuals see’s Foxes attending a pool party with a difference. Whereby, the clinically cool atmosphere amongst the perfectly maintained gathering of individuals is most probably as cool as the pool itself! However, don’t be thinking for one split minute that any of these vanity cases is likely to get their pinkies wet anytime soon, as that sure isn’t about to happen in their cycle of maintaining their façade of hi-grade perfection.

We’d be betting that beneath their pretty exteriors, there’s likely to be a hollow where the true worth of happiness should rightfully be. Maybe they’d cotton onto the right idea and not be so self-absorbed if only someone might play them Bright Light Bright Light’s life-affirming brought by sunny outlook of a new video for “I Believe”!