Salt Ashes recently dropped off her latest single “Girls“, a dangerously sexy song, exuding confidence, power, while touching a raw emotional nerve of social awareness. The anthem stands as Veiga Sanchez’s most direct to date. Yet continues to implement a stylistically, catchy melody, listeners will all too easily become swept up in euphoria with. Although the song has a beat which drives you straight to the dancefloor. Salt Ashes isn’t afraid to assert her liberated streak and fierceness in the narrative of the song. It is this which I feel makes the track mightier than the average dance-pop release and prominently sets it apart in a good way. I know this is now my favourite Salt Ashes song of them all. After been given an early preview. I’ve been desperately awaiting the supporting video to be unleashed and share the stunning clip with the readers of our blog.

Directed by Salt Ashes herself and filmed by Roni Sidhu, the singer explains “I wanted to create a video representing people who identify as female or gender fluid celebrating self-expression, freedom of individuality and confidence. The idea was to have a series of clips of real and badass people expressing themselves in whatever way they wanted, throwing any stereotypes out the window. Some of the clips you see are self-directed and filmed by inspiring people I came across online or fans who had sent me their videos. There was no brief other than to express themselves freely, ignoring any self-doubt or what they felt might be expected from them. It was incredible going through all the footage and seeing the diversity and confidence across the board. I feel honoured and grateful that they shared a part of themselves with me in order to create this video.”

I am particularly loving how Salt Ashes dark melodic tendencies are matched with her powerful songwriting on this track. How the video exudes an authentic portrayal of girl power. By the fans and women unapologetically proud of their femininity. The song holds itself up solidly on its own, with the video the message hammered into the lyrics has become even mightier. All, round stellar work from Salt Ashes, a smart song and video.

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