Beatrice Eli 2

I’ve been following the musical exploits of the Swedish one Beatrice Eli for what seems like forever and a day, up till now she’s turned in some pensively discerning R’n’B seasoned and soaring vocals served up on an fuzzy electronic controlled environment of visionary alt-pop nurturing, which all came together last year upon the release of debut EP “It’s Over”.

A year on Beatrice reinstates her emerging artist status as she hits back with a new approach of sound on board.

Currently slated for release to her native Scandinavian homeland only, Beatrice sheds the brooding melancholy of before, switches up invigorated with feistiness and forthright giving attitude on the provocatively salty new track “Girls”.

Unequivocally, confessional and pop laden with a gusto of peppy boldness about it Beatrice has no desire to get with the boys from initial stirrings started in 6th grade she’s only really had girls on her mind (sorry lads she didn’t really know how to tell y’all before, but Beatrice certainly does now).

Graced with a video that is most becoming of an entirely girl liberated version of Kylie’sSlow” in essence.

My most ask of this track, would be that someone now do the right thing, snap up the UK license for this and pop it up on our itunes asap, if not even sooner.